HMS Review

Safecare Technology is a one-stop shop for various Healthcare solutions requirements. A web-based, end-to-end hospital management solution. Modules include pharmacy, billing, scheduling, and nursing
Tendercare Institute of Medical Informatics, founded in 1990 and is considered a pioneer when it comes to medical software is the only company focused on this specific segment.
Cloudpital gives a cost-effective solution for managing information system of healthcare industry, based on entirely patient-centered solutions. This hospital management information system (HMIS) is a software suite to suffice all the needs of the healthcare industry, related to managing effective automation of record systems, accounts information, medical records, inventory functions, inter-departmental operability and effective administration.
Latest NABIDH Connected EMRs in UAE
The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) aims to provide the best possible healthcare services for its citizens and residents. The DHA created an online platform named NABIDH, which connects public and
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What are the top 8 HMS systems in the Middle East?
The selection of a perfect HMS which is completely in line with the hospital’s work line is a massive decision IT managers have to take. There is a lot of software available in the market with varied and latest features.
What Are The Uses of a Hospital Management System?
For a good hospital or clinic, it is not just enough to have dedicated medical practitioners to complete all the requirements of a health care institution. Having an efficient management
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Does an EMR Software Improve Patient Care?
Computerized Medical Records (EMRs) are a long-term trend in healthcare. They are an integral part of the future of patient care, as they allow doctors to access and monitor patients’
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What Are The Problems in a Traditional Hospital Management System?
We can see today amidst the Covid pandemic situation, how important the health care institutions are. Their role has grown from health care providers to life-saving units for the country.
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Is EMR Required by LAW?
We have seen various aspects related to EMR in our earlier blogs. Is EMR required by Law is a question that we will be discussing here. In many countries, the
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How is Software Used in Healthcare?
IT managers in clinics and hospitals have to be extremely resourceful when it comes to IT. The industry is full of challenges, from keeping up with newer technologies to handling
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